Energetic healing Dance of the energy (DDE)

and etheric surgery

The purpose of this treatment is to balance and stimulate vital energy to facilitate the relaunch of your self-healing processes in order to regain physical, mental and emotional health.


The energy treatment Dance of the energy (DDE) is a treatment whose knowledge and practice have been transmitted in recent decades to the Canadian Pierre Lessard by Master Saint Germain.






This treatment integrates approaches to heal the physical body, as well as the emotional and mental bodies. It uses techniques in synchronicity with current scientific discoveries and sometimes even in advance.


The treatment is done on a comfortable table. A number of precise movements are executed with or without hand contact around the body in the consultant's energy system.


In this treatment, the practitioner establishes a dialogue with all the dimensions of the being and the cells of the body.






It is in a state of unconditional love and high vibration that he offers the treatment with the intention to stimulate the energy to recover its right movement. The treatment invites the body's organs and systems to return to their optimal operating mode.


Depending on the type of problem exposed, the practitioner will choose a combination of techniques adapted to give the bodies the impulses that will allow the consultant to progress on the healing path.






The practice of this treatment provides a global harmonization, recentering and a specific action on the areas of the body treated using the etheric surgery. It combines interventions on the organs, tissues and systems of the etheric body with cellular regeneration. The action on the etheric body has an immediate effect on the physical body.

The treatment contributes to:


- Stimulate the faculties of physical and psychological self-healing


- Reduce stress and anxiety 


- Recover vitality


- Balance the nervous system


- Unlock and restore energy


- Relax deeply.

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