The Thaï Yoga Massage 


Thai Yoga massage is received dressed in comfortable clothes, seated or lying on a mattress on the floor. The practitioner uses the palms of his hands, thumbs, feet sometimes knees or elbows to work on energy lines and therapeutic points.







He will alternate the work of the meridians with stretches adapted to the possibilities of the patient, with small undulating or oscillating movements to work gradually and gently on the joints and fascias.


Little by little during the massage, thanks to a conscious observation and a right feeling, the practitioner chooses movements that together will have an action on the nervous, cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory and digestive systems. Beyond the physical sphere, Thai Yoga Massage also acts on the mind and emotions of the receiver who can feel a deep relaxation and serenity at the end of the massage. 




Depending on the time available and the situation, the practitioner and the recipient will determine the duration of the massage which can be 1h, 1h30 or 2h. The session begins with an exchange during which the practitioner briefly learns the history of the recipient's body and its current condition.

The origins of TYM are Hindu and come from the Yogic philosophy. It is thanks to the disciples of Dr. Hindu Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha that Thai Yoga Massage will begin its development in Thailand around 500 BC based on the foundations of Ayurvedic medicine.



Also influenced by Chinese medicine, Thai Yoga Massage has evolved over the centuries. One finds there part of the Nadis of ayurveda and meridians of Chinese medicine as well as similar therapeutic points. 







Thai Yoga Massage is a spiritual development path for the practitioner who develops compassion, kindness, subtle touch and presence in the massage.


Massage practiced on a futon, the Thaî Yoga Massage

takes you on a journey of complete relaxation of the body rhythmed by gentle rockings and stretches.


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