Reiki is often first presented as a technique of energy transmission by the imposition of hands directly or remotely. It is also and above all a path of inner transformation and spiritual development towards self healing of our being in all its dimensions.​



Rei : At the beginning was the sky, the heavenly vault, the infinite from which rains of blessings emanated which were transformed into 3 treasures of wisdom, love and energy

Ki : energy of awakening and spiritual liberation, original breath of life that animates beings and the whole creation.

After a short interview, you are invited to lie down dressed on a table. The practitioner begins the session by activating an energy channel to transfer this energy to the recipient by placing the hands on different areas of the head and the rest of the body..




The Reiki energy is invited to pass through the practitioner's channel to go into the recipient's body where the recipient needs it most.



The practitioner transmits the Reiki during approximately 60min of which half is spent lying on the back and the other half on the stomach. After the treatment, the practitioner and the recipient will have a small exchange on the treatment that has just been given.


Reiki will stimulate the circulation of energy to different places in our body and balance others that are in excess. As energy circulates better, organs are better nourished and can release their toxins.


If the effects of Reiki are felt in the physical body often bringing great relaxation, it also acts on the emotional and mental levels.



The feeling varies from one person to another as well as between 2 treatments. Some will call themselves "Zen" mind or completely relaxed, de-stressed and joyful body, others will see colours or experience emotional releases or feel warm, cold or sensations of "flow". And some will fall asleep and wake up regenerated!






It can happen that after a care the recipient feels the need to rest, the care having highlighted the state of stress in which he was. The urine may be more concentrated or a headache may appear indicating the need to drink a little more to help eliminate toxins.

It was in Japan, in the 18th century, that the theologian Mikao Usui rediscovered the practice of Reiki imposition of hands, which had been in existence for several millennia. This technique and the philosophy of life with which it goes hand in hand, he will transmit it to more than 2000 students including 19 teachers by initiations with a secret and sacred ritual.






Only students who have reached the master's level receive the teaching to transmit Reiki and practice initiations. From the East, Reiki gradually spread to the West, to the USA at the end of the war with Japan and then to Europe.

Reiki is now very widespread and the recognition of its effects has led to it being partially reimbursed by mutual insurance companies in certain countries such as Switzerland for example.

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