Who I am ? 

Pierre Bastin, energetician, teacher and Reiki master, masseur.

As a child, I loved to shape, create and repair with my hands. I remember the hours spent creating in my grandfather's studio with all his tools and those weekends in the forest where I cut and assembled pieces of wood to build my hut.

I started my professional life with a background in computer science that taught me to analyze and understand a context to make a diagnosis and propose appropriate solutions, improvements and changes.

My first more conscious contacts with the energetic dimension of the human being and his environment began in 2002 during my first initiation to Reiki Usui.



For me, it was the beginning of a great transformation towards the opening of the heart and the awakening of the mind by gradually integrating the practice of Reiki and its principles into my daily life. The practice, often presented as an energetic healing technique, has accompanied me in my evolution towards the spiritual dimension of Reiki and life in general, bringing me a lot of serenity and harmony.

It was in 2016, in the light of the experience of this path, that I decided to teach Reiki. I teach the different degrees of Reiki Usui in French, Dutch and English and I assist students in their practice by offering them evenings of exchange and meeting to meet and practice what they have learned.

From 2014 to 2016, I trained for 5 weeks with Balazs Nemeth (Bali) in traditional Thai yoga massage (TYM), with Thierry Bienfaisant in dynamic TYM and with Yves Delattre in TYM based on Ayurvedic medicine. These trainings and practical workshops allow me to offer a complete massage that combines the energetic dimension of Reiki with the different therapeutic approaches of TYM.

In 2015 and 2016, I attended Yang Sheng Fa's courses or the art of nourishing life (traditional Chinese medicine) with Marcel Delcroix acupuncturist and president of the Belgian Qi Gong Federation.​

In 2016, I perfected my skills in head massage with Mei-Ling Myung-Sook. It combines Thai massage techniques with Chinese, Japanese and Korean techniques. This massage is very helpful for people who suffer from tensions in the shoulders, neck and head after sitting, stressful and prolonged work in front of a desk. Then in 2017, I started to learn the practice of plantar reflexology with Lucie Fernandez in order to better work with the reflex zones in the foot.




From 2017 to 2108, I studied the practice of energy care taught by Pierre Lessard based on the teachings received from Master Saint Germain. These energy treatments are practiced in conscious connection with our great I AM presence and use etheric surgery, the energies of the violet flame and the Masters of the Emerald Crystal. I received my certification in November 2018.


It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I now teach the different degrees of Reiki to people who wish to discover Reiki. Whether they use it as a way of personal development or as an approach to take care of themselves and others.In my practice, I accompany the people who come to me for consultation with Reiki treatments, energy treatments using etheric surgery as well as the different massage approaches according to the situation and the requests.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you!



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