Le Reiki

Reiki workshop - initiation level 1

This training is intended for all those who are looking for an effective approach to personal, professional and spiritual development.​

As a Reiki level 1 student, you learn, thanks to the received initiations, to channel the vital energy of the Universe and the Earth and transmit it by laying on your hands on yourself or on others.


Reiki seeks the areas in need in the body and harmonizes, strengthens, balances, soothes. It acts in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.






Reiki speaks to our being in its desire for internal growth. From the deep wisdom, from this universal and unconditional love inherent to this powerful flow of energy, we are invited to take back our life in hand.

The first degree is the most essential because the participant receives for the first time the different initiations. During these initiations, the energy centers (Chakras) of the heart, hands, the third eye and top of the head are strongly opened.

Le Reiki

The first day : 


* General explanation on Reiki Energy and the history of Reiki


* Hand positions with photos, clear definitions, how it works and the symbolism


* Explanations on organs, endocrine glands, what they represent and how they relate to hand positions.


* First aid with Reiki


* Reiki and Chakras


* Example of a procedure for a Reiki treatment on oneself, on others and on all living beings. 


* 2 initiations - and other surprises!


The second day :


* The last 2 initiations


* Three extra hours of practice that will provide time to practice hand positions on each other.


Based on this direct experience, additional questions and situations will be addressed. 


The initiation to the first degree Reiki is a very instructive and comforting experience, there are no exams or tests!


It is always very pleasant to experience the fact that the students, after the initiations, really feel the Universal Reiki Energy.

Le Reiki

Total price: 220 eur including all taxes for individuals, 260 eur for self-employed and companies.


This includes: drinks and snacks, a detailed syllabus and the Reiki 1 certificate.


The address where this REIKI 1 training will take place: Rue Mareyde, 35 in 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.


Forsee your picnic, there is an oven and fridge on site.

We will work in small groups of a maximum of six people. 


Your registration is only valid after written agreement (e-mail: reiki@imaki.be).


You can pay in cash on the day of the training (the right amount if possible).


There can be a cancellation up to one week before the initiation, it will cost you 10€ administration fee. In case of cancellation within the week of initiation, 100% of the amount will be due. 




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