Le Reiki

Reiki workshop - initiation level 3

The 3rd degree Reiki initiation will give you access to the last symbol, the one of the Master.​

This level, accessible to anyone initiated at the second level, with the same or another teacher, represents another step in your journey with Reiki.






This initiation allows you to become a Reiki Master and to integrate the last symbol into your care so you have all the power of the symbols.


Le Reiki

Le Reiki

Total price: 220 eur including all taxes for individuals, 260 eur for self-employed and companies.


This includes: drinks and snacks, a detailed syllabus and the Reiki 1 certificate.


The address where this 1 day REIKI 3 workshop will take place: Rue Mareyde, 35 in 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.


Forsee your picnic, there is an oven and fridge on site.

We will work in small groups of a maximum of six people. 


Your registration is only valid after written agreement (e-mail: reiki@imaki.be).


You can pay in cash on the day of the training (the right amount if possible).


There can be a cancellation up to one week before the initiation, it will cost you 10€ administration fee. In case of cancellation within the week of initiation, 100% of the amount will be due. 




* You will receive the Master's symbol, its mantra and also a 5th symbol.


* You will learn about their purposes, when and how to use them. For example: during the treatment, meditations, remote care, the healing of situations, the "cleaning" of a place, the healing of the past (time and space do not exist for Reiki Energy).


* You will experience two initiations, individually with the integration of the Master's symbol


* You will take care of yourself, using all the symbols you have learned


* In an atmosphere of respect, openness, caring and confidentiality, you will give and receive a treatment, using all the learned symbols.


* You will practice a deep relaxation technique that will allow you to root yourself, to connect to the Universal Energy and to build your "Magic Shield of Light" to stay protected.


* You will learn and practice the Kenyoku cleansing and Biozen scanning technique.


* You will practice a dynamic meditation that will allow you to anchor yourself and connect to the Universal Energy. It can be very useful at the beginning of your Reiki session and in many other situations in your private and professional life.


* You will receive an audio CD containing this deep relaxation as well as an hour of Reiki music with a bell every three minutes announcing the change of position.


* At the end of the internship, you will be autonomous to give yourself and others a care, with all the symbols.


* You will receive a syllabus and a certificate.


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