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Reiki exchange sessions - Reiki healing in group

Reiki exchange sessions are an opportunity to share between us, to get together or meet new people and to give and receive Reiki!​

Reiki sharing evenings are an opportunity to share between us, to get together or meet new people, to give and receive Reiki !




Sharing evenings are also an opportunity to review practice, practice for new practitioners and answer questions.


Depending on the number of participants, the receiver receives Reiki from 2, 3 or 4 people. Each person participating in the evening will give Reiki but is not obliged to receive it. Given the number of people giving Reiki to a recipient, the treatment can greatly increase in intensity, I suggest you live it to experience it!



The evenings of sharing are open to all those who are initiated in the first degree and more, whatever the Master who initiated them.


Evenings start at 19h30 and Reiki exchanges start at 19h45 until 21h30. You can bring your favourite blanket or cushion, you will also find some on site. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and big socks!






Please confirm your participation by sending an email to reiki@imaki.be

PAF: free, without obligation, what seems right to you.

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